Amid the COVID19 outbreak, Ministry of Home Affairs has issued certain guidelines and standard operation procedure for social distancing for office, work place, factories adhered to by Aalishaneco Textile Park Pvt.Ltd. in the following manner

All areas in the premises including the following shall be disinfected completly using user freindly disinfectant mediums

  1. Entrance Gate of building,Office etc.
  2. Cafeteria and canteens
  3. Meeting room,Conference halls/open areas avilable/verandah/ entrnace gate of site,bunker,porta cabins,building etc.
    Equipment and lift
  4. Washroom,Toilet,Sink,Water points etc.
  5. Walls/all other surface
  6. Mandatory thermal Scanning of everyone entering and exiting the work place will be done.

Aalishan Eco Textile Park Pvt Ltd.

Aalishan Eco Integrated Park is the first textile park in Haryana state, Is approved from office of Director General Town & Country panning Chandigarh Haryana (DGTCP) Vide License no LC-42 of 2019 dated 05/03/2019 in a area of 59.08125 acres of land.The Zoning plan is sectioned by DGTCP Chandigarh Haryana vide Drawing no. DTCP-7125,2019 Dated 28/08/2019 In favor of the company /seller It has world class infrastructure which includes multi-story factory buildings, R&D centre, exhibition centre, street lighting, waste water treatment plant. It is an integrated approach to unite and create an exclusive place for all the different processes in textile industry.

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